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6 Reasons Why You Should Choose AmandaTextile.

Focusing on Rib Knitted Fabric Trimming Products,we are the most professional manufacturer.


Are you looking for high-quality, attractive and customized trim for your products or to identify your clothing ? Then you’ve come to the right place. We create rib knit trims, include jacquard rib,stripe rib,solid rib,1×1 rib fabric,2×2 rib fabric,3×3 rib fabric,1×3 rib fabric to your specifications using various materials .

Jacquard Rib Knit Collar Cuffs

We offer a variety of name words patterns rib knitt fabric. Each pattern finished in jacquard,automatic by computer,zero error and all products can be made custom to meet your needs.

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The stripes rib we can make by automatic computer with various design according to customer demand. Bacis type include 1×1,2×2,3×3,1×3,Intarsia,Mock rib,Scallop Edge,Stitch Transfer,Writing inserted.

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It can be made in quality 100% cotton,50/50 Cotton Acrylic with a range colors use for jacket and uniform collars cuffs. Basic type include 1×1 rib,2×2 rib,3×3 rib,Intarsia,Mock rib,Scallop Edge,Stitch Transfer,Writing inserted.

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Voice of Our Customers

A great seller,I have to said thanks.We are interested the rib knitted fabric and ask for a sample.We satisfy with sample and competitive price,it will help us stay the advantageous position in markets . We will become a good partners !

Paresh Giorgio, United Kingdom

We are SA garment manufacturer,the company has twenty years of operating history.Why I choise Amanda Textile ? We have many suppliers,but we are most satished with Amdtextile,as they response very fast,very ammitted to the customers,all our orders they handling well.Thank you really appreciate work with you !

Tanya C.Pearce

We are printing design company, which has fiveteen years of operating history. We buy tape from Amanda Textile for a few years. It is very happy to find AmandaTextile, they give us a very good reputation in our place, and let our customers to enjoy the cheap price and make my business growing fast.

Mick Jenner, United Kingdom

Through three years of cooperation, we know Amanda Textile. have deep understanding of flat rib collar for Polo Jacket Uniform , the production process conducted a series of quality control, they also have good logistics solutions, let us in front of customers won more honor.

Anna Mamytov, Ukraine

We found Amanda Textile,which focus on flat rib fabric,they give us a perfect solution on our design,also,pompetitive price. We approval their’s quality and service. It’s a very nice to job to work with amdtex.


If you want purchase Rib Knit Trims and Fabric,ask us for price and solutions now !

Simply click bellow button,and get your free,no obligation quotation today!

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