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          What technical changes for the flat rib knitting fabric and trims?

          The produces rate improved greatly because of skills of reforming improved, a variety of mechanical equipment is widely used in industry, textile machinery is gradually popular, from the original manual weaving into the machine, the original industrial structure is complex and big intensity of labor, now the operating control initiative could be more outstanding and optimization, the initiative of various technological parameters of flat knitting rib implementing active detection, control and optimal control, and sets up the initiative in production management system, is a sign of modern textile production.

          Stand-alone initiative

          Combined with mechanization, electronic skills and accounting machine skills are applied to textile equipment, making it’s a single or combined machine with high speed and high efficiency. Such as equipped with accounting machine control device of chemical fiber stretch silk machine; Equipped with detection instruments; A singeing machine controlled by microcomputer; Also Active embossing machine, active catching machine, active winding machine, active warping machine, active winding and dyeing machine, active stirring machine, active horizontal knitting machine and so on. Foreign advanced textile equipment has generally used electronic skills. For example, the winding machine is equipped with electronic yarn cleaner, active splitter, active gauge, active tube changing, active barrel dropping and active monitoring with new looms such as push button start and stop, electronic control drive, positioning brake, electronic weft detection, weft selection, let-off, air jet, rapier projectile and so on which actively collect data.

          Production process initiative

          In the process of printing and dyeing and chemical fiber production of knitted flat rib fabric and trims, the closed-loop active control system of the computer is established and various sensing skills are selected to actively detect and actively adjust various process parameters. For example, the intelligent selection of the computer used in the dyeing and finishing process, the operation of the exhaust temperature and humidity of the drying room, the operation of the anti-shrinking machine, the reduction of the concentration of the mercerizing machine, the sizing of the sizing machine, the resurgence, etc. Active control, etc. In some countries, the automation of the production process is very fast, and all relevant parameters of the touchable and non-touchable media are actively detected and actively controlled.

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