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          What shall we do if the cuffs of clothes are loose ?

          ?The cuff is very easy to deformation except the collar. We had to pay attention that the cuffs of clothes deformation whether it is cleaning or wearing. The following introduced by Jiangyin Amanda Textile Company how to do if cuffs of clothes deformation ?

          ???Method 1:

          ???If the cuff comes loose. Soak the cuffs of the sweater with 70-80 degrees hot water, then wash and dry.

          ???Method 2:

          ??Combined with an iron. First sew the sleeves and sweater by needle together, then iron the cuffs locally, be sure to layer the sweater and the iron before ironing.

          ???Method 3:

          ???Use a rubber band or a flexible same color nylon rope wear the cuffs, pay attention to the tightness when wearing, not too tight. Then knotted the end of the nylon rope, and put the thread inside the sweater. Final the cuffs were tightened immediately without any traces.

          ???All pure cotton clothes will be deformed during the wearing process. To reduce the deformation range, the water should not be too hot when washing. ?We suggestions attention as following :

          1. ?Wearing: Avoid excessively pulling the collar when wearing, arrange and fit the underwear properly in the clothes; avoid stretching and deformation, try not to wear too long, and give the underwear a flexible time;
          2. ?Washing: look at the washing mark on the clothes, if there is a hand wash mark, it means that it is best to wash by hand, use max 40 ° C warm water and special detergent. Turn the inner layer of the garment out, put it into a fully dissolved detergent and immerse it for five minutes. Squeeze the garment slowly until it is soaked. Do not vigorously rub it. Use warm water first, then cold water and rinse off; if machine washable, fold the easy-to-clip cuffs and garments inward before washing, then turn them inside and out, put them into the washing machine after put it in the laundry bag.
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