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          What is Specific technology of flat rib knitted trimming fabric ?

          There are a variety style of dress in our life as well as rib knitting trimming and fabric, but the attentive person can discover, many clothes are the stripes on the point in the same direction, and stitch are specified, may be a lot of people are not understanding for these fabrics.

          Next following we will introduce simply the related knowledge of rib knitted trims and fabric,hope that will help you.

          The flat rib knitted trims and fabric, those people who not the industry, they are difficult to identify, a lot of people are confusion on flat rib knitted trims in 2*2 and 2*1, is’t the same style? In fact, the flat rib knitted trim is a product made of the upper and lower needles driving the coil alternately on both sides. And 2*2, it means that the positive and negative needles alternate in a circle, while 2*1 means that one needle is removed every two needles. Flat rib knitted trims have the difference of 1*1 and 2*2, usually, people use 2*2 for weaving fabric. But for flat knitting rib, it is not all regular, some are irregular, what we point the flat rib knitting is aimed at fabric with spandex. Flat rib knitted trims and fabric are found in tight clothing and accessories because of its elastic perfomance.

          Hope the above knowledge of flat rib knitted could help you and guide you option suitable fabric for the dress.

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