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          Solid Rib Knit Trims 2018-04-21T22:43:51+00:00

          Solid Rib Knit Trims Collars Cuffs?

          • It can made from 100% cotton or polyester with?spandex.

          • Available in 4 customized sizes.

          • Individually knitted in our factory on 9/14/18/36 gauge flat V bed machines.

          • Knitted from dyed yarns which match the body fabrics which we stock.
            As well as our regular stock shades, stripes and tips can be knitted in a wide range of extra colours to make attractive garments.

          • Weight from 400 to 680 Gsm
          • If you already have a specific design you like please submit a sample or choice from us.

          Common Applications:
          Basketball Jersey Necks and Arms, Soccer Jersey Necks, Lacrosse Jersey Necks, Wrestling Singlet Leg Cuffs, T-Shirt Necks, Paintball Shirt Necks and Sleeves, Track and Field Jersey Necks, Football Jersey Necks and Sleeves.Jacket and Warm-up Waistbands, Sleeves, Collars and Shoulder Inserts.

          Colours Range:

          Scroll down the page for more images, prices and purchasing.

          Colour representation is for guidance only and should not be relied upon due to variation between monitors and/or mobile device screens.Any color is subject to final confirmation

          More Rib Knit we can produce in the following fibers:

          100% Cotton
          packaged dyed
          temperature control

          100% Polyester
          Packaged dyed / Spun Dyed / Textured
          Bright / Semi Bright / Matt / Semi Dull.

          100% Wool, Wool Blends
          Top Quality Merino Wool standard shades available

          100% Nylon
          Quality European source for extra stretch.

          Cotton/Poly Blends
          Intimate and feeder blends .

          50/50 Cotton Acrylic
          Large stock service competitive prices.

          HB Acrylic
          Large stock service competitive prices.

          Metallic Blends
          Metallic shades blended to give softer handle and subtle appearance.

          More Solid?Rib Knit For Chosen

          Ask us for price and catalogue today !

          Your inquiry will be replied within 24 hours,and we respect your privacy.