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          Jacquard Rib Knit Trims

          Jacquard rib knit trims are individually on 16 gauge flat bed or V bed Jacquard machines,

          made by cotton and spandex available in 4 sizes,

          normally use for collars cuffs

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          Stripes Rib Knit Trims?

          The stripes rib knit trims design all made to your specifications include 1×1,2×2 ,3×3,2×1,3×1,4×1.?

          Stripes design has single stripes,double stripes,top line and any any design what you need.

          It’s best quality and function for making jackets,band uniforms and career apparel.

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          Solid Rib Knit Trims?

          It can be made in quality 100% cotton,50/50 Cotton Acrylic with a range colors use for collars cuffs.

          ?Basic constructions include:
          1×1 rib
          2×2 rib
          3×3 rib
          Mock rib
          Scallop Edge
          Stitch Transfer
          Writing inserted

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