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          2205, 2019

          5 tips to teach you to improve the softness of the flat rib knitted fabric

          All the people like soft and comfortable fabric when we choose clothes that go next to the skin because it is more soft and absorbent. So if the softness of flat rib knitted fabric can be improved? Following are the 5 tips for improved the softness of flat rib knitted fabric: Strengthen the pre-processing. It is impossible to remove the [...]

          2205, 2019

          What are the differences between flat knitted trims and round knitted trims

          The development of the economy promotes the development of various industries. There are not only more and more types of clothing, but also a huge breakthrough in manufacturing methods. There are more and more types of ribs in life, there is a kind of ribbing and deep Loved by people, the flat rib knitted trims except the round knitted trims. [...]

          2205, 2019

          What kind of cuffs for the women dress and How to distinguish

          The cuff type is mainly divided into 12 types like bat sleeve, shirt sleeve, rib cuff, flying sleeve, lotus leaf sleeve, bubble sleeve, princess sleeve, lantern sleeve, horn sleeve, shoulder sleeve, horn sleeve, bag sleeve. What is bat-sleeves: they're very wide and ridiculously, attached to the side of the garment with arms outstretched just like bats. What is shirt sleeve: [...]