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          How to check the semi-finished flat rib knitted trimming ?

          Rib Knitted Fabric and trimming is one of important raw material in the textile industry as well as favored by many consumers. So how to detect the semi-finished product when the manufacturer produces rib knitted trims fabric? The following introduced by Amanda Textile Co.

          1. Inspectors are required to inspect the process specified by piece by piece, including the collection, needle release, number of turns, different lengths of pieces, length of rib, uniformity of density, needle leakage, hanging edge, monofilament, color difference, washboard yarn, dirty work and other defects (repair the defects that can be handled).
          2. Inspect the density, size and pattern of the shaped garment pieces after they are finished and disassembled from machine.
          3. Record the weight of each piece.(if there are more than two color schemes, make detailed records for each color.)
          4. Before inspection, the piece is pulled in different directions during weaving, and should be retracted by the measuring staff.

          Above is the methods introduced by Jiangyin Amanda Textile inspection for rib knitted trimming and fabric, for more information, welcome to visit our website, we are ready to serve you!

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