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          Five reasons why choosing the flat rib knitted fabric clothing

          • Knitwear is generally made of blends of wool and thermal fibers with good thermal insulation. For example, the rib knitted fabric made from Jiangyin Amanda Textile factory, has good quality and warmth strongly.
          • Knitwear is also one of the versatile items. Knitwear is suitable for spring and autumn wear, winter as an interior. It’s just spring, it’s a must have item for your spring season. In the clothing mix, the sweater can be worn with a shirt, T-shirt, vest or jeans. Different combinations can wear different styles.
          • The sweater are more elastic. Knitwear is generally treated according to the ergonomic three-dimensional weaving method to make the partial elastic, so that its shape conforms to the human body. Appropriately shrink or loosen in individual parts to achieve the effect of fitting the mass.
          • Flat rib knitted fabric and trimse are comfortable to wear and have no sense of restraint. Whether it is a self-cultivation or a loose sweater, it is tight and moderate, and there is no sense of restraint and dullness.
          • It is not only warm, but also breathable. Wearing a knit sweater is very good for skin breathing. It does not like some breathless fabric as close to the body and obstruct skin breathing, causing folliculitis, and even rough skin.

          After reading these advantages, you may have a little bit of interest in rib knitted fabric cloth,then, heart as action. Jiangyin Amanda Textile Co., welcome your consultation and purchase!

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